Our Team

Integrative Care Partners was founded with the sole premise that physician leadership is imperative to providing patient’s care at the right time, place and at the right cost for their patients. It is our way of continuing to ensure that you and your provider have the strongest voice in making sure you receive the care that is best for you. Our highest levels of leadership are designed and lead by your providers. As such all of our work is geared to influence processes that are going to make patient care better.

Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Oppman
Dr. Robert Oppman The South Bend Clinic
Dr. John Jacobs
Dr. John Jacobs Family Medicine of South Bend
Dr. Timothy W. Noveroske
Dr. Timothy W. Noveroske Allied Physicians of Michiana

Team Members

Sarah Fite
Sarah Fite Executive Director
Kelly Macken-Marble
Kelly Macken-Marble President
Jennifer Ewing
Jennifer Ewing Vice President
Christine D. Saitz
Christine D. Saitz Compliance Officer
Dr. Brian Jacobs
Dr. Brian Jacobs Medical Director